LEGCO Cyber Security Press Conference (2013-7-4)

Press Release



The Edward Snowden case has highlighted the urgent need for companies, organizations, and government departments in Hong Kong, to ensure that world class cyber security is in place.  It's easy to forget that once you are connected to the world, the world is also connected to you.  The Internet brings with it huge advantages in terms of communications; but at the same time it also brings very significant risks in terms of data security.

As each economy around the globe seeks to secure it's gateways to the Internet, many of them are showing a strong preference to do so using locally developed information technology.  Locally developed information technology is usually best adapted to local requirements, allows for rapid customization utilizing research and development teams which are on-hand at all times, and offers the very best support possible, for the simple reason that the developers are by definition always on-the-ground and working in the local time zone.    


It is a good time to remind everyone that Hong Kong is already at the forefront of computer security today, with companies such as Network Box, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, having won more than 70 national, international, and media awards for cyber security to date.  Indeed, Network Box has even won three Gold Awards for cyber security, published out of Silicon Valley itself, and won the coveted HK ICT Award of the Year 2013, for its Anti-Distributed Denial of Service Web Application Firewall Plus system, which was presented to Michael Gazeley, Managing Director, Network Box, by the Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying earlier this year.  Network Box is also triple ISO 9001 / ISO 20000 / ISO 27001 certified, has achieved a perfect triple 100% Tolly Group effectiveness rating against its Extended WildList Malware database, and is also IPv6 Ready Core Phase-2 certified as well.


It is also a great time to remind everyone that recently Forbes, one of the world's most highly respected business publications, listed Hong Kong as the number one Tech Capital to watch, after Silicon Valley and New York.  Hong Kong's IT Developers are not short of imagination or ability; what's needed is an improved local marketplace, lead by the Hong Kong Government itself.  The world famous technology companies which have grown out of the USA, Japan, and Korea, all did so with very strong government backing and support.  Companies from these countries now lead the world in many areas of technological development.  Hong Kong is very well placed to do the same.




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